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Feel like you're a heart attack waiting to happen ?

Learn how to create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY so you minimize your risk and optimize your health.

The biology behind metabolic syndrome

You can't begin to "fix" a problem, until you know what the problem is. The BAD body chemistry, that underpins metabolic syndrome, is insulin resistance. In this series of videos, we dive into the biology behind insulin resistance.

What to eat and what not to

When your metabolism is "broken", what you eat, really matters. As a rule, you want to avoid sugar spikes. The best way to do this, is to CUT the carbs and ADD more, fats, protein and fibre.

The pressure is on (hypertension)

High blood pressure IS a sign that your plumbing system, is taking strain. In this series of videos, we look at what could be driving up THE PRESSURE.

The cholesterol band aid

High cholesterol is seen as the kiss of death..... but the question that needs to be addressed, is why is it high ? The short answer, is it's a band aid for damaged blood vessels.

Keeping the sugar levels down (type 2 diabetes)

When the pancreas can no longer meet the demand for insulin............. sugar levels skyrocket. Damage control, requires keeping sugar levels in check. In this series of videos, we explore ways to do it.