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More Features + Commercial License

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Here's Exactly What You Get Inside the PRO Version...

You already know that the Videohub is the most powerful video gallery software in the market right now, with this app, you can convert videos to 3 different formats, load the galleries on Facebook, or your own website with very minimal time ... It's just that amazing!

As an early bird customer of Videohub, you’ve successfully laid your hands on a piece technology that has the potential to build your list.

But we want to take things a little further here, that’s why we built the PRO advanced version to give you access to even more powerful marketing features so you can…

Universal Monetization settings

With the Monetization campaigns, your list building is now on steroids.

With this feature, you can now design campaigns to add optin forms, annotations and banners inside the videos.

You can customize the campaigns and ensure that you make the most out of it

Category & Video Monetization

You can set your monetization campaigns for all the videos inside the gallery or even for individual videos. Now these campaigns will make your videos that look and feel that YouTube has been showing off for years!

Special high converting templates

The templates in this pro version comes with options where you can add the advertisement banners. Cool right!

Once you upgrade to pro, you get access to these templates.

Advanced Statistics

Optimize your marketing strategies with the lively insights we give you. Be aware of which of the videos converts, which one is watched more and in the process, design more successful campaigns.

We've created Video Hub Pro from the ground up with one goal in mind... to make you a LOT of money EASILY!

We want to make sure that you get started making MONEY fast with Videohub pro so we're giving you something you would be grateful for forever...

Speaking of support, you’re also going to receive a one-one one support call with one of our success team members. They will give you a live walk-through of VideoHub, and help you get up and going with your galleries!

A commercial license

Yes! That’s right...

We want you to be able to create UNLIMITED and PROFITABLE campaigns not just for yourself but also for your clients and local businesses.

So, we’re giving you unrestricted access to take our stellar piece of tool and use it to setup campaigns for your clients and local businesses – CHARGE A FEE & KEEP THE ENTIRE INCOME!

Here’s the thing...

Every business owner NEEDS this technology to drive their business even if they don’t know it cos they probably haven’t discovered that there’s anything as powerful as Videohub out there.

Just the mere thought of collecting leads, selling their products and growing their business right inside the Facebook fan page will be a “deal closer” for them.

Even better, this is now expanded into their website or as a self hosted link.

You can charge clients as high as up to $197 per campaign setup, and you can setup UNLIMITED campaigns for UNLIMITED clients… we’re literally giving you the FULL rights to use our software and start making money right now because we want you to succeed as our customer.

All this and MORE are available,
only with Videohub Pro version

To recap you get:

  • New feature to easily monetize the campaigns by adding CTA button inside the video
  • 10 Additional high converting templates with provision to add advertisement banners
  • Advanced Statistics that gives insights of how your galleries are performing
  • A commercial license where you can offer it as a service to your customers
  • A Live Walk-through as to how you can set up your campaigns

Get Upgraded now at 80% Discount!

Video Hub PRO

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